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I wanted to write a song about Christmas that got away from the clean cozy stable image of christmas carols that recognised that a stable is not where any woman would want to give birth. Also that the virgin birth would not have been all delight but a time of uncertainty too. And finally there is a hint to the event that would pierce Mary's own heart.

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Listen to a live performance of 'What more reason' sung by Martin Day's daughter, Chloe, at the BCC Carol service in 2004 (when she was 12 years old).



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'What more reason'                           by Martin Day

No one would exchange a room
For the slippery stable floor.
With no clean place to bear a child,
Throw down a layer of straw.
The cold of the dark night
Is pressing all around.
The cattle stamp and shuffle
Unsettled by the sound.

        What more reason for maternal pride.
        A mother and a bride.
        Her face reflects the baby's beauty.
        In the distance hear the angels sing
        Of a new-born King.
        The Prince of Peace begins his duties.

Far from home and family
The young girl's time has come.
The pains of childbirth, born of sin,
Bear forth the sinless one.
She sees His Father
Hold Him against the dark sky.
Covered with blood;
Crying out; with a baby's cry.

The Heavenly Father wells with love,
And watches from afar.
To those He promised Abraham
He adds the Morning Star.
In every moment
He'll be there for His Son.
Every day delight in Him,
Every day but one.

        What more reason for Paternal pride.
        A Father and a guide.
        His heart's behind the baby's beauty.

© M Day 16-Dec-1995



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