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This is a prety worship song about the forgivenss and gentle tensaity of God.

I remember as a child being curled up on the back seat of the car on late night jouneys home after visiting family friends. I would watch the from the seat the street lights flashing past but marvel at how the moon always seemed to be traveling with us. That's where the first line came from.

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'The Patience of the Lord'                 by Martin Day

Now the patience of the Lord like the silent moon
Seems to follow me where e'er I go.
When I've strayed into the dark He calls my heart.
He is quick to bless and angers slow.

        He is holy, he is holy.
        He is seated now on high.
        I'm unworthy, in the shadows me.
        But Jesus took the chill of night
        And lit the morning sky.

The forgiveness of the Lord like the rising sun
Is a gentle and a warm embrace.
Still more certain than the dawn, the love of God,
Even wider than the sky His grace.

© M Day 17-Jul-1997
















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