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It had been quite a while since I had written a song, years in fact. I had started to wonder if I still could. So I wrote this song in response to what I had been learning about God's grace to me. And not just learning but a real knowing that God has a specific love for me, more than me sharing in his general love for all mankind.


Download 'More than this' lyrics and chords in pdf format - 'More than this' lyrics and chords in pdf format

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'More than this'                                  by Martin Day

If you’d just shaped the horizon,
Sky and sea to feast my eyes on,
I would lift my face and I would worship you Lord.
If you’d only made the canyons,
And the peaks that look down on them,
Then I’d stand astounded and I’d worship you Lord.

        But there’s more than this.
        I have found there’s more to God than this.
        I am realising, personalising the life of God in me.
        I have found my home.
        I no longer struggle on alone.
        Now my Father loves me, eternally living life in me … in me

If you’d just made flowered grassland
And the coral covered white sand,
I would catch my breath and I would worship you Lord
If your works were beast and bird
And creatures by the shoal and heard,
I would lend my voice to theirs and worship you Lord

If you’d only walked the earth
Showing what a life could be worth,
I would lay my cloak down, I would worship you Lord.
If you’d simply stood in for me
When by rights you could have walked free,
I’d have reason to endlessly worship you Lord.

© M Day 24-Apr-2003









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