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This was written only three months before my conversion and you can see I was preoccupied by my own mortality and was almost resigned to the consequences of a live on the wrong side of God. It's a bit of an apocalyptic vision and no doubt influenced by Peter Gabriel's "Here comes the Flood". This was one on of only a couple of lyrics that were set to music around that time by my friend from 6th Form College, Simon Gardener.

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For the curious...

Listen to the original and only recording of 'Where are you going?'.

Be warned this was played and sung onto cassette in 1978 by Simon Gardener and wasn't a great quality recording then (...and you know what the years do to cassettes). Exactly 30 years later I've transferred it for posterity.


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'Where are you Going?'                    by Martin Day

Some heard it on the radio,
Some by word of mouth.
But somehow everyone knew
What was coming from the south.

Everyone was moving
Like ant before the rain.
Something strange had happened
To drive the world insane.

To realise what they’d said
Could never happen, had.
Everybody running,
And everyone gone mad.

All fleeing underground,
Each one to his own grave.
For the last time ever,
All praying to be saved.

I climbed out of the panic
Up to the highest hill.
I waited silently,
‘Til all was calm and still.

There was no where to run.
There’s no hiding from the end.
So I sat waiting for death,
Alone with but one friend.

The skyline caught alight,
The very world was burning.
An end to all the life,
The pain, the will, the learning.

Sitting on my hilltop,
Who can have laughed the last?
Closer comes the time that is
The future of the past.

All around is quiet.
There’s nothing left to say.
The lull before the storm.
Today is judgment day.

© M Day 20-Jun-1978

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