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A simple, blunt song but to a funky dance beat. It makes a single point "You can change your mind, but only God can change your heart". This is also one of those Salt Solution songs where the lyric was recycled when the original music was ditched. You can hear the difference in the Downloads section below.


Watch sumo wrestling coordinated to the Salt Solution song "When's it Gonna Change"
In a blend of two world of Martin Day real sumo wresting footage is set to music. And the music is a Salt Solution track "When's it Gonna Change".

Play Now

Listen to 'When's it Gonna Change?' from Salt Solution's album 'Arctic Frosties'.


and for the curious...
Listen to the previous version from the Salt Solution 1984 Demo.

(NB this recording has been transferred from cassette with resulting poor sound quality)


Listen to the original recording of 'When's it Gonna Change?' from the 1983 cassette album by Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly (later to become Salt Solution)

(NB this recording has been transferred from cassette with resulting poor sound quality)



Download the 'When's it Gonna Change?' MP3 - Download 'When's it Gonna Change?' by Salt Solution for Free!

(right-mouse on link; choose 'Save Target As...' to download)

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'When's it Gonna Change?'             by Martin Day

You can change your clothing, you can change your hair,
And in case of accidents you can change your underwear.
You can change your oil, you can change your car,
You can change your vote, but it won't get you very far

You can change your attitude, change the clothes you wear.
Make them think you're someone else, make them stop and stare.
You can lift your face, and you can change your nose,
You can fool yourself, but still everybody knows.

        When's it gonna change?
        You can change your mind
        When's it gonna change?
        Only God can change your heart.

You can change your accent, you can hide your roots,
Part exchange your Wellingtons for new riding boots.
Maybe you could change your job, maybe change your train.
Maybe you should loose some weight, but maybe stay the same.

© M Day 21-Oct-1982


































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