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This was a song about the fickle nature of the human heart; or why I don't do what I want to do... It borrows the imagery suggested by Jesus' comment about a person not being fit for the kingdom if he keeps looking back (Luke 9:62).

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'The Straight Furrow'                         by Martin Day

You moved in, and then I moved away.
We started work, I went on holiday.
I missed you when we were apart,
I wish I'd made a better start.
Will I ever know, holding on's about letting go; letting go; letting go.

        You can't plough a straight furrow looking back,
        How can you sleep insomniac?
        How can you dream, torn between?

My building blocks are what I touch and see,
But you work in a human tapestry.
I rejected worldliness, clinging to all I poses.
Will I ever know, holding on's about letting go; letting go; letting go.

You gave light, I soaked up the rays.
You showed me how, and I walked in your ways.
I needed your security, but couldn't face your purity.
Will I ever learn, the love you gave, I can never earn; never earn; never earn.

© M Day 15-Jan-1991






















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