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I have always loved exploring and re-expressing stories from the bible but at this stage in life for some reason I decided to re-express something from my geography class(!). I was taken with the irony of the fact that in the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelee the only person to survive was a prisoner in the island's gaol. What would it have been like to have been the person.

I was never particularly into the blues so it is a curiosity that some of my comic and less that serious lyrics took that cliched form.

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'The Igneous Rock'                          by Martin Day

Well Mount Pelee slept ‘til 1902.
Then she got restless and her top she blew.
The Martinique people took it real slow,
‘Cause there wasn’t any sign of a larva flow.

A viscous spine grew a thousand feet high.
In the next six months nearly punctured the sky.
I got so drunk it made my balance fail.
So they slung me in the bottom of the St. Piere Gaol.

        Well Mount Pelee laughed ‘til it busted it’s side.
        The larva had the devil on it’s back for the ride.
        I was in the gaol under key and lock,
        Hid away from the gases and the igneous rock.
        The igneous rock, the igneous rock,
        A cloud rolled down full of igneous rock.

The cloud was moving; quite a few miles an hour.
And it sure didn’t carry an April shower.
It pushed past statues and it melted glass.
It had leveled the town before it had passed.

It was the only way who see who knew best,
‘Cause the Lord took his children and the devil had the rest.
Well there’s me sweating under lock and key.
They were taking everybody, but neither took me.

The cloud had passed in only a flash.
And the town was buried in cinder and ash.
Twenty eight thousand died, I tell no lie,
And the Lord gave me, yet another try.
                        (I’m gonna ask some-one what to do as soon as I get dug outta here.)

© M Day 1982






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