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On the same day that Salt Solution played our first thronging concert, just when we felt that things were starting to go as we thought they should we had words from God through two separate people saying that we were going in the wrong direction and that we should stop and listen to God. This we did and it preceded a 'golden' year in the life of the band. But at the time I felt crushed as I had beleived that what we were doing was in line with what God wanted. I wrote this song as a way of captuting the feeling. The feeling was that I knew God was doing something in me but there was restistance there that I didn't want to be there, but that I couldn't help... like a drowning man learning how to drown.

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'Strong'                                              by Martin Day

My sense of purpose burning low,
I feel an emptiness, although
I wouldn't let my feelings show,
Because I'm strong.
Throat is sore, but eyes are dry,
Throw my prayers against the sky,
And I hurt, but I don't cry,
Because I'm strong.

        In my head is where I know
        That the Father loves me so,
        So much He's pulling me apart.
        Demolishing me to rebuild,
        A vessel fuller to be filled,
        But some-one tell it to my heart.

Doubled over, standing tall,
Looking big, and feeling small,
And I stumble, but I don't fall,
Because I'm strong.
And I graze, but I don't bleed,
And I bruise, but I don't need
Some-one to care or intercede,
Because I'm strong.

 If I could find humility,
God would pour his power on me.
Self-righteousness won't set me free
Because I'm strong.
I know this feeling won't last long,
So please don't scrutinise this song,
I wouldn't want to get my doctrine wrong,
Because I'm strong.

© M Day 1986






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