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So if the Beatles used it on 'Michele' why couldn't I get away with school-boy French in a song? Here's the reason why! Another song that never made the Salt Solution repetoir.

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'Respondez sil vous plait'                  by Martin Day

There's gonna be a party, and there's gonna be new wine,
When Jesus comes back for the second time.
We got the invitations, and they're going out today.
If you want to come, then respondez sil vous plait.

        Respondez sil vous plait,
                The party's upstairs, but you're heading the wrong way.
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                What would you say if that party were today?
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                You don't need a bottle, and you don't need a gift.
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                You don't need the entry fee, just wait for the lift.

I got my invitation, and I read it every day,
It's a real motivation to trust and obey.
The party's starting soon, so you musn't delay.
'Coss if you're not there, there'll be Hell to pay.

You've gotta be ready when the party comes around,
With your eyes on Jesus and you feet on the ground.
God has thrown a party for all his friends.
If you don't know the Host; it's a sticky end.

Jesus came and paid the fine for our sin.
He's knocking at your door, so you'd better let Him in.
If you didn't let Him pay, He'll come back a second time.
Then you'll have to pay yourself, and it's a heavy fine.

        Respondez sil vous plait,
                You've got to reply before you die.
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                If He came today would you know Him from Adam?
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                There's a price to pay, but you can't afford to pay it.
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                There's a sorry to say, but can you say it?
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                There's a party upstairs, but you're heading the wrong way.
        Respondez sil vous plait,
                There's a price on your life, and it's Hell you've got to pay.

© M Day 1982

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