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There were quite a few songs during this period that didn't get into the Salt Solution set and this is yet another. And like a few others it attempted to tell my story of coming to faith. Again like others of that time there were too many verses.

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'On my way home'                            by Martin Day

I did alright at college, I did alright at school.
I had some family problems, I didn't act too cool.
I was a bit light-fingered like all the other kids.
I'd get drunk again and again, like everybody else did.

Then a vicar found me, I was drunk and beat up.
He told me I was heading for Hell, drink from a different cup.
He pulled the carpet from under me. This was real bad news.
He said, I had the choice of Jesus, but I didn't want to choose.

        I'm on my way home.
                Home is where the heart is.
        On my way home,
                To where I keep my wealth.
        I'm on my way home.
                Just passing through on my way there.
        On my way home,
                A stranger here myself.
        I'm on my way home.

Later on I met some people at the college where I went.
They were genuine and sincere, meant what they said, said what they meant.
They told me all 'bout Jesus, the reason He died for me.
To buy a place beside Him. He paid my punishment for free.

You may be rich or famous, you may be poor or weak,
You may be just like the next man, just listen while I speak.
I got a home in Heaven, it's mine because I choose.
To live my life in Jesus. And I had nothing to loose.

Level the hills and valleys, leave nothing in the way.
Jesus has made a highway home now, we can walk it today.
A road for the Gentiles, a road for the Jews,
A road for everybody to walk it they choose.

© M Day 23-Jun-1983





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