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Written as part of the Sharp To The Flat musical (work in progress). The girls in the coffee shop join with the boys in the pub to lament that life hasn't panned out as they had expected.


Lyric: Compete
Music: Backing track recorded awaiting vocals


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'Not what we'd planned'          by Martin Day

Sam:        Father was an engineer, that’s what I wanted too;
                Building bridges, drilling tunnels through.
                When I failed to make the grade, KavRoss had a job that paid.
                The career I engineered is so grey.

Amanda:  I wanted, most of all, a perfect family:
                A man, a dog, a pair of kids and me.
                What started swimmingly soon got swept out to sea.
                Where I’ve washed up I’m not sure.

                        It’s not what we’d planned, it’s not what we’d planned.
                        It just didn’t turn out that way.
                        Life it conspired against what we desired.
                        The dreams we had melted away.

Trudy:      My dream job it was to be driver on the track.
                Mummy blocked my chance behind my back.
                Teachers they pressured me, favoured university.
                ‘Dream Job’ recruitment’s now my trade.

Andy:       When I was small I dreamed I’d be a fireman.
                To join the Fire Service was my plan.
                But at the interview, my chest was thirty two,
                Four inches short of the job.


Claire:     Once I longed to see the world, to travel was my aim,
                But clinical depression knew my name.
                Jesus set my thinking free. I then trained in geography.
                Though I lost the world I found myself.

Gary:       Young Gary wanted to be as big as all the rest,
                Hungry for what made me the best.
                Only the fastest wheels, head-turning girls in heels.
                Sadly I had to compromise.


© M Day 09-Jan-2013 & 15-July-2015












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