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I was observing a friend and his befriending of a distressed girl and had concerns about the wisdom of his comforting her. Having already writen the first verse I then found out to my distress that the relationship had developed to the point that it threatened his marriage. So here you have a song more poinient than you would otherwise realise.

You can see a movie of Salt Solution playing 'My Mind has Hands' live at the Kingston Festival.


Salt Solution play 'My Mind has Hands' live
The song, 'My Mind has Hands'from Salt Solution's 1992 performance at the Kingston Festival.

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Listen to 'My Mind has Hand' from Salt Solution's album 'Arctic Frosties'.



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'My Mind has Hands'                        by Martin Day

A tearful girl, a word of calm,
An awful secret, a comforting arm.
A burden shared, a problem solved,
But are you getting too involved.

        Strip my motives to the bone
        And there a straying thought disown.
        Hand to hand in the combat zone,
        'Cause my mind has hands of it's own.

Imagination, a breading ground.
From nurtured ideas, desires abound.
You can't indulge them and hide them away.
The thoughts of your heart, your actions betray...
                                                          ...they betray.

© M Day May-1988

























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