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Part of the 'Sharp To The Flat' Musical (work in progress) this song is sung by Andy Sleet, Sam's old friend from school days. Andy bemoans how he is hen-pecked by his wife Carol. But it wasn't always that way - he had once been the star of a theme park dressed in a mouse costume.


Lyric: Compete
Music: Backing track recorded, awaiting vocals

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'Man or a Mouse'                               by Martin Day

When I was a lowly student running short of cash
I worked at a theme park clearing up the trash
Then one day an absence left a mouse-suit vacancy
I was asked if I could stretch to street-type artistry

When I wore my mouse's suit I was celebrity
Everywhere that I appeared the people flocked to me
Strangers stood with open arms expecting my embrace
Children stood on tippy-toes to reach to kiss my face

        Man or mouse, (are you a) man or mouse
        She doesn't know how good a mouse's life can be
        Oh what I'd give (just as a) mouse to live
        A man who's a mouse is like rodent royalty (that's for me!)

When I dressed up as the mouse the people knew my name
When I walked home as myself, a no-one I became
With the whiskers and the ears the crowd all wanted me
Now with my own face I'm a complete non-entity


When I hear her nagging voice or catch her scolding eye
I get a sense of irony as I move to comply
My mind drifts back to when I raised my proud and mousy head
To days of stardom, day of joy, before she ever said...


© M Day 9-Oct-2006






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