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Part of the 'Sharp To The Flat' Musical (work in progress) this song is sung by Amanda Lovelace, the female lead, then by Sam Ferrara, the male lead and concluding as a duet. Amanda sings of her loneliness and of how she is tired of being strong for her and her daughter. As Sam eavesdrops on Amanda he sees that there might be a role in her life for him and resolves to help her.


Lyric: Compete
Music:Backing track recorded, awaiting vocals

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'Lonely On My Own'                         by Martin Day

Amanda: Finally it's quiet again now everyone's gone home.
                The loneliness is aching like a cancer in my bones.
                My craving for some company, for someone to have near
                Is no less powerful now than when the others still were here.

                I've had a husband who could never touch that place inside.
                I've had a child, I love like life, but I'm still dissatisfied.
                Family and friend I have, can't see to fill that void.
                If I could find a real heart-friend, I'd be so overjoyed.

                        Lonely on my own, lonely with a friend,
                        Lonely in a crowd, though I might pretend
                        There's a place in me, lonely as can be.
                        There's an aching hole in my heart.

                Is it me or can it be that everyone's the same?
                We laugh and smile and wear a mask and play this shallow game.
                If I could find words that would this emptiness explain...
                Does there live a mortal that could heal this gnawing pain?

Sam:        Could it be I've found a place in this shattered family,
                Somewhere I can make a difference, someone who needs me?
                I will guide you when the burdens start to take their toll.
                I will be your guardian angel. That will be my role.

                        Lonely on her own, lonely with a friend,
                        Lonely in a crowd, though she might pretend
                        There's a place in me, that might be the key,
                        To fill the aching hole in her heart.

Amanda: Lonely on my own,
Sam:                                     Lonely on her own,
Amanda: Lonely with a friend,
Sam:                                     Lonely with a friend,
Amanda: Lonely in a crowd, though I might pretend
Sam:                                 Though she might pretend
Amanda: There's a place in me,
Sam:                                      There's a place in me,
Amanda: lonely as can be.
Sam:                                        That might be the key,
Amanda:     There's an aching hole in my heart.
Sam:      To fill       the aching hole in her heart

Amanda: Tired of being strong for Abi, for Abi.
                Tired of being strong for Mandy, for Mandy.
                Tired of being strong for Abi, for Abi, for Abi.

© M Day 21-Apr-2001 & 25-Jan-2012






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