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I remember taking Rob Bathurst's original instrumental demo on holiday to Australia and I wrote most (if not all) of this lyric on the plane home.

It's an approach I have used several times to put myself in the place of a biblical character and thought "what would it have been like? How would I have felt?". In fact it's mostly the way I read the bible - to forget that I know what happened next and so to understand what was going on in the moment. Jesus calmed the storm (Matthew 8:23-27) and I wonder how the events would have played out to one of the fishermen disciples.

As a footnote, I remember we played a delightful prank on Simon, Salt Solution's bassist. He wasn't able to make the final mixing of this track and once we'd got the mix we wanted to we put his bass track though a delay and his backing vocal though a pitch changer. Both were set to zero at the start of the track but we gradually turned the dials as the song progressed. The result was him apparently going further out of time and out of tune as the track went on. We gave it to him passing it off as the final mix... a great wheeze! ... and you can listen to it below.


Salt Solution play 'Lightning' live
The song 'Lightning', recorded at Salt Solution's set at the Kingston Festival 1992.

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Listen to 'Lightning' from Salt Solution's album 'Arctic Frosties'.

and for the curious...
Listen to 'Lightning (the wind-up mix)' - see the full story above



Download the 'Lightning' MP3 - Download 'Lightning' by Salt Solution for Free! .

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'Lightning'                                         by Martin Day

Ready the boat and we're soon afloat,
The sail billows large.
You may tutor me, but I know the sea,
Now rest as I take charge.

        Then lightning tearing down the sky,
        A thundering reply.
        Oh, surely we will die.
        Lightning charging through the sea,
        We all will drowning be.
        Oh, Jesus rescue me.

Sleeping astern as the waters churn,
The Teacher's warm and dry.
How can you sleep? We're in trouble deep.
Don't you care if we die?

        Then lightning tearing down the sky,
        A thundering reply.
        Oh, surely we will die.
        Lightning charging through the sea,
        We all will drowning be.
        Oh, Jesus rescue me.

'Be calm, be still', command tranquil.
The tempest flees away
Fast as it began. Who is this man,
Even the wind and waves obey?

        Then lightning cuts me to the core,
        I'm filled with fear and awe.
        What do you want me for?
        Like lightning, His mighty power revealed.
        To you my spirit yield.
        Oh, be my strength and shield.

© M Day 26-Jan-1992


























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