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Part of the 'Sharp To The Flat' Musical (work in progress) this song takes place in the staff room of Amanda's new school. Whilst discussing the merits of different approaches to teaching on of the other teachers offers his own approach. What then follows is an unashamed high-kicking song that that the whole staff room is caught up into, complete with the obligatory jazz-hands!


Lyric: Compete
Music: Backing track recorded, awaiting vocals

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'It's All About Me (Show Business)'  by Martin Day

When the register's been taken
And your pupils are dilatin'
And the audience is waitin'
For the magic to begin.
'Mid the gaze of many gazers,
Seeking praise from the appraisers
In a sea of ties & blazers
Are young hearts and minds to win.

        It's not about learning. It's not about teaching.
        It's not about setting young minds free.
        It’s all about eloquent presentation.
        It's all about charisma. It's all about me.
        Because its show business, teaching is show business.
        They get a star for their work, and that star is me.
        Because it’s show business, teaching is show business.
        See their Master's mastery. (I'm a Principality.)

When they’ve forgotten Greek and Latin,
And the tedium of Matins,
And the pool of sweat they sat in,
They will still remember me.
When their education hist’ry
Is just one line in their CV,
They will ponder still the myst’ry
Of my eccentricity.


© M Day 16-Nov-2012






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