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This would have been the first song I wrote following my convert ion and so is unashamedly autobiographical. A slightly strange structure though. It never got set to music. I wonder what I had in mind

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'Into the Light'                                    by Martin Day

Only now can I see yesterday I had no hope
Just a shower of drugs and the search for a grope
I thought there must be more to life than this,
An alternative way to the old hit or miss.

        Now is the time to start to climb the only height.
        All it takes to make a promise and step into the light
        All it takes to make a promise and step into the light

Then I found some friends who didn’t put me down,
And they had something else that was moving around.
They told me of their belief and said Christ was for me.
But how could I believe in something I can’t see.

The more I thought on it, the more that I could see.
The misery of life but how good it could be.

I see now I can’t go on, to you I vow, my sin I shun.
I’m on my knees begging please release me from this void.
Show me you cause, my life is yours.
I know you died for me

        Only now can I start to climb the highest height.
        All it takes to make a promise and step into the light
        All it takes to make a promise and step into the light

Waiting for a happening or mind fluids to part
There’s a pinhead of light probing into my heart.
I have my ups and downs, what ever happens I’m
Always a child of God, beyond the end of time.

Now the light will widen the more of Him I show,
Until the light takes all of my life, until it’s time to go.

© M Day 1978






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