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The trust of this lyric is from the perspective of an adolescent girl struggling to fit and eventually recognising that she is indeed good enough.

This was an attempt to pitch a pop song to a Christian girl band in the US via InMusik. Although there are basic chord and melody for this song it didn't come together and the opportunity passed..

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'I'm Good Enough''                           by Martin Day

Girl with golden hair and blue eyes,
Perfect figure, right size.
A big hit with all the guys.
She is every boy’s desire.
My confidence expires.
Her casual glance enquires
If I’m good enough.

Boy with every joke and story.
All gather round his glory.
I hope he don’t ignore me.
When I look at him I can’t blink.
Please don’t make my heart sink.
I’ll die if you don’t think
I’m good enough

        Everybody seems to ask the question.
        The question has me bound.
        I’m paralysed without an answer
        I know the answer can be found

Teacher standing in the classroom.
It’s showdown at high noon.
I’ve got to dance to her tune.
Learning gives me indigestion.
My grades make a suggestion.
But answer me the question,
Of if I’m good enough.


Father loves me and he’s for me,
Gave me my own door key,
No matter what my score be.
He has granted me a waiver
Not based on my behaviour.
But according to my Saviour
I’m good enough.

© M Day 18 Sept 2013

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