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I remember that I wrote this song shortly after much of Salt Solution's PA and instruments disapeared in a bugalry. Hense the defiant and entrenched tone of this song. I remember this song being practiced but am unsure whether it made it into the set. Not a great song anyway.

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'I'm alive'                                            by Martin Day

You can turn the volume down,
But you can't stop me singing.
You can push me to the ground,
But it's good news that we're bringing.
You can steal the hardware from our home
Just when we're about to use it.
But the software lives inside of us,
And you cannot steal the music.

        I'm alive, I'm gonna live forever, I'm alive.
        I'm alive, not by my own endeavour, I'm alive.
        I'm alive, Christ brought me and live together, I'm alive.
        Just three score years and ten,
        And then I'll live again, I'm alive.

You can take away my eyes,
But I will see the glory.
You can slander me with lies,
But the Spirit's pleading for me.
You can separate my friends from me,
But only for a season.
We'll meet again in heaven, I guarantee,
And Jesus is the reason.

You can take my life away,
But that will only free me.
Because on Judgement Day
With Jesus you will see me.
You can steal so many things from me,
But you'll answer to my Master.
You can not steal me from my Lord,
And you cannot take my Father.

© M Day 08-Nov-1983






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