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Part of the 'Sharp To The Flat' Musical (work in progress) this song is sung by Sam Ferrara, the male lead. Having seen Amanda credit all the help he has secretly given her to God, he is embittered and sings this tirade to a God he doesn't believe in..


Lyric: Compete
Music: Melody & chords notepad recorded

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'How could you steal my thunder?'  by Martin Day

I’ve been looking out for her
        - But she can’t see me.
She’s been searching out for me
        - But she can’t see me.
I’m the one who cares for her
        - But she thinks God is.
She’s mistaken You for me.

         You with your wind, your lighting, stars and sea.
         How could you walk away from this family?
         I saw her struggling. I helped. It was me.
         How could you steal my thunder, mock deity?

She was widowed and distressed
        - So where were you then?
And the baby at her breast
        - So where were you then?
And when I saw her penniless
        - I had to act then.
Who filled the gaps? Well that was me.


I always played it by your rules
        - Just like I should do.
But You’ve played me for a fool.
        - I’m livid at You.
You took my job, you grayed my hair.
        - I’ll not forgive you.
I did it right. You don’t play fair.

        You with your wind, your lighting, stars and sea.
        Should not you reward my charity?
        You with your rules, your church, your theology
        If you are so almighty what you done for me?

© M Day 18-Jul-2012






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