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I remember getting the first words and tune to this in my head whilst I was riding my motorcycle back from my job with Sony Broadcast in Basingstoke. It was driving rain on the M3 and I kept repeating it so I wouldn't forget it. "It's a hard way to learn - da-da-da" Strange that even though the da-da-da never made it into the song I can still remember that part all these years later.But to the lyric itself: verse one was about my own father and my regret that he left home for love elsewhere. The second verse takes the self deceit to the place of faith. So it's all about the mistake of believing that 'falling in love' is the ultimate goal of life.

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'Hard Way to Learn'                          by Martin Day

A glance that locks, with eyes that burn across a crowded hall.
Love is new with feelings strong.
An endless love at least until the thrill begins to stall,
And a new heart-throb comes along:
Soft soap suds in your eye, from the film and TV lie ...

        It's a hard way to learn.
        Drown in despair as your bridges burn.
        You lost your heart and sank your hopes in a palace grand,
        In a mirage in the sand.
        It's a hard way to learn, if you learn.
        It's a hard way to learn, if you learn.

You'll always loose, if you get love and romance confused,
One is real the other dreamed.
The love you need has been there all along, but you refused,
It's reserved for God's redeemed.
See the blood run down His side, roll the stone and think He's died.

© M Day 14-Jan-1986























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