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This was project with my friend Richard Taylor who had designed and now markets the Go Green board game. He had written some music to go with the game and asked me if I'd like to have a go at some appropriately themed lyrics. This was the result. The music part of the project has gone no further although the game continues to thrive. But who knows one day it may just get big enough to need a TV or radio advertising campaign. Then we'll be ready...

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'Go Green'                                         by Martin Day

Picture a life set in strawberry fields. Pick your own and go green.
Edward's potatoes on turning your spade like a king or a queen.
(Now then) Don't be chicken go buy some hens. Be greedy and buy a pig too.
Savour a breakfast of bacon and eggs.
Break with routine, leave the machine, (start) living the dream - go green.

Fishes that swim in the river and sea. Catch your own and go green.
Mushrooms that grow in the field and the wood to enrich your cuisine.
(See the) Fruit that hangs from the orchard bow, bush berries that glisten like                                                                                                                       dew.
Scrumping and picking and feasting for free.
Break with routine, leave the machine, (start) living the dream - go green.

        Life can be pressured, not like it was back in the day,
        With time for a story to read or board game to play.
        Oh for the days,

Windmill that charges electrical cells. Make your own and go green.
Sun beating down heats the water for free that you take from the stream.
(There are) ways to travel without a car, horseback and cycling are two.
Smelling the roses, enjoying the day.
Break with routine, leave the machine, (start) living the dream - go green.

© M Day 12-Aug-2010






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