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When I was training to be a glassblower on a day release course to Hounslow Borough College every week I would pass a hand full of church building that had been turned into carpet warehouses, community halls, etc. It bothered me that it represented decline in the established church so I wrote this song from my desire to see the tide turn; not only in terms of buildings but also in the spirituality and the morals of Britain.

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'Get Out'                                            by Martin Day

Move out the bingo, move out the stores.
Move out the badminton, open up the doors.
The amateur dramatics will have to go too.
The OAP's tea club and the council's youth.
The Church in Britain was sick and in decline.
We were written off, but now God has changed His mind.
We were once defeated, but now we're in attack.
God is arming His people, and His Spirit's coming back...

        ...Get out, in the name of Jesus.
        Get out, in the name of Him.
        Get out, in the name of Jesus.
        Get out, in the name of the King.

Burn up the porn films, the magazines too,
The videos of violence, the videos of blue.
Ban the abortions, tidy up the laws.
The bible is the standard and purity the cause.
God's returning back in a really big way,
And some things have to go, and some thing have to stay.
His messengers are speaking, so you'd better take heed.
There's only one God, so there's only one creed.

Give up the horoscope, the Ouija board stunt.
Give up the seance and the Anti-Christ hunt.
Stop playing with the spirit world, evil fascinates,
'Coss demons sitting on you soul act a heavy weights.
Any demon spirits that are listening to this,
Your place is in Gehenna, down in the Abyss.
In the name of Jesus, I command you to go there.
Never more to walk with men and never more to scare.

© M Day 15-Apr-1983
















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