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A splendid Salt Solution song. It's just a shame we never got around to recording it.

It's a warning against giving up control to the general flow of life.


Salt Solution play 'Floating on the Pedello of Life' live
From concert in Chippenham in 1986 Salt Solution perform the otherwise unrecorded song 'Floating on the Pedello of Life'.

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'Floating on the peddello of life'        by Martin Day

The sun glints on the water, the birds are in the air,
Your nose supports the Foster-Grants that filter out the glare.
Your steering's ineffective, but you don't really care.
Although you know not what's ahead, the current takes you there...
        ... Floating on the peddello of life.

The peddello is drifting towards the waterfall.
The peddling makes no difference, there's no headway at all.
To swim away's the answer; the answer's not recalled.
Your grip upon your destiny appears a little small...
        ... Floating on the peddello of life.

There's more to Christianity than filling up a pew.
Jesus has got a store of works, of good for you to do.
You have the choice to change your course by starting off anew,
Or stay aboard your peddello and contemplate the view...
        ... Floating on the peddello of life.

© M Day 23-Mar-1987














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