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Pete Milner had written a haunting piece on the piano. He was also playing with Helen Jayne's band at the time and I said to him, "Don't give it to Helen, I will use it". But what was is to be about? Eventually I decided that I would imagine what it would feel like to have been one of the disciples on the Saturday after Good Friday. He would have been mourning the death of a friend and the death of his own dream but not understanding what was to follow the next day. I felt it might resonate with anyone who had experienced grief.

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'The Day in Between'                        by Martin Day

The pink and the blue of the gentle morning, the daylight drew
Out of the night
The sleep that restores, but distances the day before
Fades in the light.

        On the day in between the hope I held could not be seen.
        The Son had died but all appeared the same.
        The first and only day, Heaven and Earth in disarray.
        The architect pinned to a timber frame.

The numbness inside the tears with the dew have dried.
Truth slipped away.
Although disapproved, every word you said; you proved,
Until yesterday.

        In you I put my trust, the object of the world's disgust.
        The Prince of Peace, the angry mob dethrone.
        In life you could have been the greatest king the world had seen.
        I stood with you, but now I stand alone.

But now what of me, I've nothing left a refugee,
A victim of the Roman stranglehold.
To leave or to hide. Maybe tomorrow I'll decide.
Who can tell what tomorrow holds ...
                         ... Who can tell what tomorrow holds?

© M Day 18-Oct-1990




















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