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Part of the 'Sharp To The Flat' Musical (work in progress) this song is a full chorus number coming early in the plot. It shows the pressure, urgency and lunacy of an IT project that the male lead, Sam Ferrara, is part of.


Lyric: Compete
Music: Backing track recorded, awaiting vocals

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'A Deadline Involved'                        by Martin Day

It starts with a man and a crazy idea
It's still half-baked and a bit cavalier
His boss sees a chance to advance his career
And wins the accord of the board.

The project is on but the budget's slim
And the hunt is on for an acronym.
We hire some consultants in the interim
To help us dream up a name.

A manager's assigned he's a real boy-scout
And takes the team on a team day out.
He talks of the swing and roundabout.
We all get a cap and a pen.

        When there's a deadline involved,
        When there's a deadline involved,
        No time for a breath, it's like life and death and
        Problems just have to be solved
        Resolved... (if only we all pull together)
        There'll be a horsewhipping if we end up slipping
        When there's a deadline involved.

Design is gets going but it must be quick
And the coders are coding at quite a lick
And each man's racing like a lunatic
‘Cause we can’t be late for the date.

The days race by and the nights are few,
And most of us work through the weekends too.
The team say the timescale needs review,
But the boss says it still can be done

So we skip the testing which helps a lot,
And some functionality just gets the chop.
The users seem happy 'cause they've lost the plot.
The support team'll clean up the mess.


So the projects over we can celebrate
We hit the budget and we hit the date
We are the people that made Britain Great
All praise to our great project team

© M Day 25-Oct-2006






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