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From here you can navigate to lyrics from the 2000 'Arctic Frosties' album and others written by Martin Day during his time with Salt Solution. Many of these pages also contain MP3 songs and downloads.
Martin Day and Rob Bathurst co-wrote many of the songs listed here

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Salt Solution demos

Salt Solution issued two demo recording that were not (it must be said) recorded to a high standard. With one exception all lyrics were written by Martin Day and are included on each song page.

Salt Solution's first studio recording was this 1984 Demo cassette.

Salt Solution Demo cassette cover 1984

  1. Who is Mr. X
  2. When's it Gonna Change
  3. Safe Among the Shadows
  4. The Rich can't Win

Salt Solution was originally named Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly. Before the name was changed the band adventurously attempted to record some of their songs in their practice halls direct to 4 track reel-to-reel. The result is this heavily stereo, self titled 1983 cassette demo.

Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly Demo cassette cover 1983

  1. Taking His Own
  2. Torn Leather Tearaway
  3. When's it Gonna Change
  4. 'E Never 'urt No-One
  5. Dogslife
  6. Sonbathing
  7. Unwilling Guest
  8. Tarmac Wheels on Rubber Roads
  9. Lonely*
10. The Rich can't Win
11. Safe Among the Shadows

* not a Martin Day lyric but included here for completeness

Press cuttings from 1984 and the release of Salt Solution's single "Your Country Needs You"

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