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Pod has evolved since the early days and comparing an early script with a more recent one will show how much. The original scripts tended to be shorter and simplistic whilst the later script are longer and sometime more theological(!) - All I can say is that he has grown up with his audience.

These days Pod tends to make a special appearance at Christmas; hence all the Christmas titles that are included

All Pod scripts can be freely reusable. They are customisable and some have local references that would need to be removed or replaced. You would need to fabricate your own Pod and adapt the takeoff and landing sequences. If you want to do this please contact me, Martin Day via this site and I will be happy to advise or help you with it.


Download powepoint of Pod's Summer landing sequence (with intro) - Power point of Pod's summer Landing sequence with intro.

Download powerpoint of Pod's Summer landing sequence (without intro) - Power point of Pod's summer Landing sequence without intro.

Download powerpoint of Pod's Summer takeoff sequence - Power point of Pod's summer Takeoff sequence.

NB power points with intros feature a old fashioned movie-style leader countdown with 'pearl & dead' sound track. This is simply an attention grabber for when the Pod sketch has been an unannounced opener for a service. Only summer versions are available here (there are also winter versions to match the conditions outside the venue).

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Much of what is on this site can be freely reused, but please contact me first for permission. Thanks

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Pod Scripts

His Royal PodnessThere are dozens of Pod scripts that have all been performed at least once at New Life Church, Woking or Brookwood Community Church. They will eventually all be reproduced here. Along with PDF downloadable versions. But for now here are just some.

'Singing' © M Day 25-Aug-1997
'Arrival' © M Day 11-Nov-1997
'Raising Hands' © M Day 29-Sep-1997
'Christmas' © M Day 13-Dec-1997
'One Family' © M Day 05-Jan-1998
'What makes God happy?' © M Day 02-Feb-1998
'Forgive' © M Day 23-Feb-1998
'Be Yourself' © M Day 28-Apr-1998
'Why Tell Others?' © M Day 27-Sep-1998
'What makes God angry?' © M Day 01-Dec-1998
'Christmas (2)' © M Day 14-Dec-1998
'Arrival (2)' © M Day 11-Nov-1997 & 10-Mar-1999
'Why worry?' © M Day 28-Apr-1999
'Alpha' © M Day 17-Aug-1999
'God knows everything' © M Day 21-Sep-1999
'Christmas (3)' © M Day 14-Dec-1998 & 10-Dec-2001
'Mother’s Day' © M Day 25-Feb-2002
'Extravagance' © M Day 10-Apr-2002
'Father’s Day' © M Day 28-May-2002
'Thanksgiving' © M Day 08-Oct-2002
'The Race' © M Day 17-Sep-2002
'Christmas (4)' © M Day 13-Dec-1997 & 05-Dec-2002
'What are you worth?' © M Day 11-Feb-2003
'The Greatest Supporter' © M Day 17-Mar-2003
'Why can't I see God' © M Day 23-Oct-1999 & 08-July-2003
'Where is your treasure?' © M Day 14-Oct-2003
'How do you know what is true?' © M Day 01-Apr-2004
'What’s so special about Easter?' © M Day 05-Apr-2004
'Why serve others?' © M Day 09-June-2004
'Easter – fact or fiction' © M Day 7-Mar-2005
'Christmas - to worship or ignore' © M Day 18-Dec-2005
'Christmas – advertising opportunity' © M Day 11-Dec-2006
'Christmas –  Baby born with a spirit' © M Day 10-Dec-2007
'Christmas and waiting times' © M Day 12-Dec-2008












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