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So Grounded! the board game

A riotous game of illicit party panic

The ‘So Grounded!’ board game now has its own website. Click on the image below to go there

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So Grounded! is a game inspired by the house-party stories and antics of Martin’s teenage daughter Chloe. The prototype box even features her and her friends. But it’s all good clean fun – no sex, no drugs but alcohol references do feature. For this reason the game is unsuitable for the under 12s.


The word ‘hilarious’ is much over used, but in the case of So Grounded! for once it is warranted. Everyone has either heard, or has their own, apocalyptic stories of events that take place at teenage house parties and So Grounded! recounts antics of glee and horror in equal measure. But don’t just play it for laughs: The game has a classic blend of strategy and chance that will have you playing again and again.

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If you are interested in So Grounded and would like to find out more please visit the So Gounded! web site or contact the game creator, Martin Day