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Pod the Alien Sketch : ‘Christmas – to worship or ignore’

Standard entrance (Compere responds to banging on the door) That must be Pod. (Spaceman enters)

Hello BCC!
Good morning, Pod, it’s been ages since we’ve seen you, are you visiting because it’s Christmas?
Indeed you are an advanced species: Yes, I am here for Christmas. But I really don’t understand what it’s all about. From out there in space I can see that there’s a lot of activity on planet earth. There are lights and lots of people out shopping, and I am increasingly picking up low level radiation emissions late into the night.
Goodness! What could be causing that?!
Ah, that’s from the computer screens … internet shopping.
Yes, well it’s a busy time of year
Well I think it’s a phenomenon that calls for further investigation. In fact, I have been making some enquiries myself. I have gained access to some very important and influential people, and I’ve been asking them about their views on Christmas
Really Pod, that’s very interesting, who did you speak to?
Oh, people like Anne Widdecombe & Tony Blair…
Wow you do surprise me Pod. What did they have to say?
Would you like to see?
See! (looking around excitedly) They’re not here are they?
No, but I have made a documentary. I’m hoping it’ll win an award.
Can we see it now then, (looks to PA man), yes?
Roll VT.
( *** Run clip*** )
That was very good Pod, are you pleased with it?
Well I am very pleased with the sharp questions and my generally high standard of tele-journalism. But I wasn’t very impressed with the answers.
So what were you expecting?
Well I really don’t see what all this Christmas activity has to do with baby Jesus and the Christmas story. I mean, people seem to be rushing about, and they all have their opinions, but no-one seems to know what it’s all for.
You know, you’re not alone there Pod. I think that most of us have had moments when we ask that question.
Even you lot that come to church… Jesus’ church?
Yes, Pod. Everybody is under so much pressure to buy presents, to decorate their houses and to make Christmas better than last year; every year!
But I thought that you only had Christmas because it’s Jesus’ birthday. So why does he never get a mention?
That’s why we’ve all come together today, because we want to celebrate what Christmas was originally about, what it should be about.
Good for you!
Let me put it like this Pod. Have you ever been in the Fog?
Oh yes it’s hard to see anything isn’t it.
That’s right. What happens in the fog is that it’s very bright because it’s lit up by the sun from above, but it can be so thick that you can’t even see the sun itself. But just a few feet above you, the sun is shining brightly, while you are in the shivering cold. That’s what’s happened to Christmas in Britain. All the Christmas trees,  lights and cards; all the Santas, the shopping, the wrapping; the Christmas food and TV specials, have become like a fog that stops us seeing the sun. All those bright things used in celebration have replaced the very one who was being celebrated. It’s like a pop video with so many dancers, that you can’t see the singer, or like a painting that’s all frame and no picture.
I see, so it’s not about how long Christmas goes on for, or when it starts, but about seeing the sun? The Son of God?
Yes Pod, Jesus was God’s rescue plan for a world that had lost its way, a world lost to God. Jesus was God’s plan to win us back. His only plan. But Jesus was born as a little baby, week and vulnerable. Born into the world like every one of us. But born like no other baby before or since. You see all of us are born as babies with a lifeless spirit. It’s something that a father passes on to all his children. Even though we are dead to God inside, it feels like normal to us, because everyone else is born the same. But Jesus had no earthly Father to pass this on; he was born alive to God; complete. The first man ever to be born perfect. And he spent his perfect life … on us.
Hey, Hey! Steady on there lady, or there’ll be nothing left for that nice Mr. Rashbrook to say. Any way you’re making quite a big thing over just one little baby.
But that’s the amazing thing about Christmas, when Jesus was born, no one even noticed. He looked just like any other baby. And only a very a few people had an ear to hear what God was saying; some shepherds and some wise men. No one else was interested. It was just like Christmas is now.
So some people came to worship baby Jesus…
Just like all these people here
But some people carried on as if nothing had happened?
A bit like all the people just carrying on with their shopping this morning… But that night the stars moved in the heavens, and the angels came to sing over the earth, to the baby that would change the world for ever
Wow, that would have been something to see
Yes, and that’s what we’re doing here this morning. Because that same Jesus is still alive and he still wants to share with us the life he brings.
Cool! You know, I’ve learnt something important on this visit, that although Jesus was the most important baby ever born, people still chose to either worship him or ignore him, just as they did then. Baby Jesus really is the silent heart of Christmas, like sunshine on a foggy day. Well, no time to stand here chatting. I must be off. Merry Christmas everyone
And to you too, Pod. Good-bye.

Standard exit (pod shuffles out the door and take off sequence is initiated

© M Day 18-Dec-2005


Pod has noticed all the shopping activity on earth and has made a documentary asking famous people (incl. Anne Widdecombe and Tony Blair) what they think about Christmas. Pod is puzzled about all the shopping when Christmas is about Jesus. It seems that some recognise that Jesus is special and others don’t, just as it was when he was first born. Jesus is God’s rescue plan and was the first person ever to be born with a spirit alive to God. He came to share that life with us.

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