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Pod the Alien Sketch : ‘Why worry?’

Standard introduction and entrance (Compere talking is interrupted by spaceship landing sound effects, I think I can hear a spaceship landing, yes look on the outside camera,  I thought so, it’s Pod coming to visit us again. Overlay external photo of school with spaceship slide, landing. OHP off. Spaceman enters. Here he comes, I hope that spaceship doesn’t leave any marks on the floor. )

Hello Pod. It’s good to see you again.
Have you got a cold?
No, I don’t think so.
Are you sure, because I can see up your nose from here.
No, I haven’t got a cold thank you
Because I don’t want to get it. Do you how difficult a runny nose can be in a small spaceship? … or what happens when you sneeze; … in space?!
Oh, I’d never thought about that before
And I’ll bet that you’ve never thought about what happens if you’re sick in space either.
Oooh, I’d rather not think about it
Yes, and when you get a tummy bug in space it make the most horrible mess!
Yes, yes, I’m sure it does! But I’m feeling quite all right, so you won’t catch anything from me to take into space.
And that’s if I even get into space, I mean, what if this thing won’t start when it’s time to go, or if I run out of fuel half way.
But your spaceship’s quite new isn’t it? I didn’t know that it kept breaking down.
Well (pause)… it hasn’t yet, but it could do any time,  …or I might get blown into a tree whilst I’m taking off, or crash into a passing airplane, or get struck by lightning, or get hit by an asteroid, or get sucked into a black hole; … or worse!
Oh Pod I hadn’t realised that you were such a worrier.
But I’m not worried.
No? (doubtfully)
No.  I just like to think everything through, you know, think through all the things that could happen.
Well that’s not true, because you left out lots of possibilities, like taking off into a clear sunny sky, or soaring high above white fluffy clouds, or flying through a rainbow. How about bumping into a friend, instead of crashing into a plane, or weaving though the stars instead of being frightened of black holes? You just think about the bad things that could happen, and not the good things. And that’s what worrying is.
Mmm. I suppose when you put it like that. I guess I have been worrying a little bit. (to congregation) I bet some of you do too, sometimes.
Yes that’s true, I do sometimes, but I know that it’s wrong, and that Jesus doesn’t want me to. Because when I worry, what I’m actually doing, is not trusting God.
Hey wait a minute, you’re just trying to make me feel guilty now. I don’t think that worrying has got anything to do with God!
Exactly! Did you know that Jesus said that our Father in heaven will give us all the things that we really need, and that he cares for us more that anything else in all creation? And you know it says in the Bible that even if bad things happen to us, God can actually turn them into good things, for those of us who love Jesus.
Wow. Now that’s clever!
So you see if you worry, then you’re not trusting God, and you might as well be calling Jesus a liar.
(Gasp) But I would never do that!
Well, you shouldn’t be worrying then.
Wow, I never knew that God wanted you to feel so safe: Well I’ve certainly learnt something important this time, that God is so powerful, that he can even make bad things do you good, and that He wants all his children to feel so safe in His love that they don’t need to worry about anything. Anyway I really must be going now.
Are you sure that your spaceship will be all right?
Well no, I can’t say that I’m sure. But that’s not as important as being sure of Jesus is it?
Your right there Pod. I think maybe you have learnt something. Good-bye.

Standard exit (pod shuffles out the door and take off sequence is initiated).

© M Day 28-Apr-1999


Pod is concerned about all sorts of things from catching a cold to crashing his spaceship. He doesn’t think that he’s worrying, just being aware of all the possibilities. But he realises that he is only thinking of what could go wring and so is worrying. He learns that worrying is like not trusting God because it denies all the promises he has made to bless us.

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NB power points with intros feature a old fashioned movie-style leader countdown with ‘pearl & dead’ sound track. This is simply an attention grabber for when the Pod sketch has been an unannounced opener for a service. Only summer versions are available here (there are also winter versions to match the conditions outside the venue).