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Pod the Alien Sketch : ‘Father’s Day’

Standard introduction and entrance Standard introduction and entrance (Compere: Look we’ve picked up that there’s a spaceship approaching. Oh yes look it’s on the camera. It must be Pod, our friend from outta space.  Projector shows external scenes with spaceship landing. Pod bangs on the door, Compere opens the door, Pod enters)

Hello Pod, how are you today?
2-1, … 2-1, ENGERLAND, ENGERLAND, 2-1 …
Hey, Hey! Pod what’s all the noise about? This is church not a football match!
Well that’s a maybe, but this is a day to celebrate! ENGERLAND, ENGERLAND
Wait a minute, wait a minute. [I can’t stand all this noise, just because England won the football doesn’t mean you can give me a headache. And anyway that was all yesterday, not today] or [I think you’ve gotten confused Pod. England lost the match so you shouldn’t be celebrating.]
Oh I know that, and anyway I’m not that really interested in football
Oh! So why are you celebrating then?
Because it’s Father’s day. Durr! Haven’t you twigged that yet!
Well I know that it’s Father’s day, but I don’t see what that’s got to do with football
You “don’t see what Father’s day has to do with football”! Well, I think you’re having a visit from Mrs Thicky, … from Dimchurch: – Look, that’s what Dads do. They watch the football. That’s what they’re there for. So what else would they want to do on Father’s day … but watch the football.
I don’t think it’s that obvious Pod, and anyway not all Dads are interested in football.
Oh yes they are – just look at that lot. They only just finished watching this morning’s match before they had to rush out to Church. Look, some of them haven’t even had time to comb their hair… those that have got hair.
OK. I take your point it does seem like a good way for a Father to spend Father’s day, but that’s not “what they’re there for”. There’s much more to being a Dad than just watching football.
Maybe I was exaggerating at bit… They do go to work too; and open difficult jars; … and never have any time to play with the kids. But that’s all they do really. And anyway even that’s not very special. After all Mums can go to work too;.. And don’t have time to play either. So Dad’s aren’t very special really.
Now let me get this straight – You think that the only things that Dads are useful for is watching football and..
..Opening Jars. That’s right. Have you ever seen a Dad after he’s failed to open a jar? He’s crushed! ..because it’s so important to him: It’s his only function in life.
Pod I think that you’ve completely missed how important Father’s are…..
(Jo): Excuse me Pod, I think that maybe can help here.
(pause) I think that this Lady is interrupting us, Wendy! Is she allowed to do that?
Oh yes this is Jo, Pod.
Well she looks pleasant enough, at least she seems to have combed her hair. But I don’t see how she can help. So how do think you can help Jo?…

Well I had some slides that I was going to talk through later about Fathers, but maybe it would help you if I did it now?
Now, that sounds like a good idea, as long as it isn’t too dull.
OK, lets get started (show first slide)
Ooooooh, who is that handsome man – quite an exceptional human specimen isn’t he?
Pod, that is the pastor of our church, Jon Rashbrook. He is modeling for us this morning some of the roles that fathers perform in their families here on earth. The first role we see here is:
Ruler:      In a family a father has God-given authority over his wife and children
Like a king?
Yes, like a king ruling over his people Pod
Provider      He provides for his family: food, shelter, money etc – of course God helps him to do this we mustn’t forget.
Defender:    He protects his family from danger
Lawmaker:  He establishes the rules for family household
Teacher:      He teaches his children things that will help prepare them for adult life
Playmate:    He is fun.  He plays sporty games in the garden with his children and tells jokes….
I know a good joke……Did you hear the one about…..
Sorry to interrupt Pod, but I think we need to keep with the presentation.
Comforter    He has big arms that hug his family to make them feel better
Ahh, I like that
Confidante   His children can trust him with their problems and feelings
Mr Fixit      He is good at fixing things in the home – it’s called DIY (pause for laughter) He helps sort out problems with his children
Yes, I’ve heard they can be difficult
 …I mean, Pod, he helps his children with their problems
Man:       He has father himself  – a dad
Not much hair has he?
Son:            He also has a heavenly father – God.
Oh, I understand.
This is a picture of Jon with his family
They’re a very good-looking lot aren’t they. – Hey who’s the Babe!
That’s little Amy
No, no I mean the Babe holding the Baby
Oh that’s Pippa.

She’s lovely
So there you are Pod. Does that help you understand more about what Father’s do?

Yes thank you Jo, that was really fun. (Jo sits back down). Wendy, Wendy, now that sounds much more important that opening jars doesn’t it.
Yes, and there’s something else that a father can do, too. He has the power to speak words into the hearts of his children. Words that can last for the whole of their lives!
No-way! No one can do that! You mean just by speaking.
It’s true. It’s a strange and powerful responsibility that they have.
I can’t believe that! Now I’ll bet that’s something that you don’t find in the Bible do you?
Actually I can think of several examples
Really! Can you tell me, please? I love Bible stories
OK, there was the story of Isaac who was tricked into blessing Jacob instead of his brother Esau. He said to Jacob that, nations would serve him and people, including Esau, would bow down to him.  So then there was no blessing left for Esau, so his Father said that he would live by the sword, and serve his brother Jacob. …And that exactly how they turned out: Do you want another?
Yes, yes this is starting to sound exciting!
Well then Jacob had sons as well. Twelve! But he favoured his son Joseph more than all his other brothers, and even gave him a special present to show how much he thought of him. Does anyone know what the present was? …
Yeah, I never though that was fair – he was just a spoil brat that Joseph.
Now whether you think that Jacob was right or wrong, Joseph certainly wasn’t a spoilt brat. He eventually became one of the most powerful men in the world, second only to Pharaoh. And he was able to rescue his entire family. Now that doesn’t sound like a spoilt brat does it? And if you remember the whole story, it was Joseph’s brothers that tried to kill him! So Jacob might not have been fair but he still spoke powerfully into Joseph’s life.
Wow, it’s a big responsibility being a Father then!
Yes, it is
So all these Father’s are powerful men too. We should respect them more. Because they can have a big effect on our lives
And especially the lives of these children.
Yeah. I definitely think we should do something to honour them
Maybe a special day? just for them?
Yeah wicked, and they should be able to watch as much football as they want. And we should only trouble them with jars if it’s for something to put in a sandwich for them.
Well I suppose that’s one way. I think that you’re starting to understand just how important Dads are, Pod.
That’s right. Why they’re so cool it’s almost scary! Well I’ve learnt something unexpected on my visit this time; that Father’s are really important people, and that God has lost of special jobs for them to do. But the biggest surprise of all is that they can speak powerfully into the lives of their sons and daughters. Yeah, well it must be the coolest job that God has for anyone: Respect due!… But anyway, I really must be going or I’ll miss my orbit. See you again soon. Goodbye.

Standard exit (leaves. Spaceship takes off: OHP & accompanying sound effects. Goodbye Pod.

© M Day 28-May-2002


Pod is celebrating the football result (depending on the result). He thinks that Dads are only useful for watching the football and opening jars. It is explained to him why they should be celebrated on Fathers day. He is told of the examples of Jacob and Isaac being fathers that spoke powerfully into the lives of their children. Pod realised that being a Dad is a really cool job.

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NB power points with intros feature a old fashioned movie-style leader countdown with ‘pearl & dead’ sound track. This is simply an attention grabber for when the Pod sketch has been an unannounced opener for a service. Only summer versions are available here (there are also winter versions to match the conditions outside the venue).