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That’s Not A Thing! Animal Edition, the card game

A fun game of chance, judgement & knowledge

The ‘That’s Not a Thing! Animal Edition’ card game now has its own website. Click on the image below to go there

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That’s Not a Thing! Animal Edition is is a card game for 2 to 6 players aged from 8 to adult.
The idea is to create animals (living, extinct or mythical) and sore points from the cards that comprise them. Along the way you will discover how shaky your knowledge of animal physiology is!

Technology Twist

The validity of an animal is challenged when an opponent shouts out ‘That’s not a Thing!”. At this point the internet decides. If the first photo of an image search is a photo (or photo-real image) of that animal the animal stands, if not the challenger is penalised.

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If you are interested in So Grounded and would like to find out more please visit the So Gounded! web site or contact the game creator, Martin Day