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‘You’re Still There’

In the womb no one could see
You knit together, there you made me
You see darkness as in day light
Nothing is hidden out of your sight

Before the world came to exist
I was on your ‘to do’ list
You formed me to be unique
You know my thoughts before I speak

When I awake you’re still there
Each turn I take you’re still there
Beyond the waves you’re still there
Down to the grave you’re still there
I can’t escape and why would I? You’re still there

Like MRI you see into me,
Read my mind, you see right through me
I can’t escape your knowledge of me
Knowing all this still you love me

Sometimes my feelings trick me so
Persuading me that you won’t show
Doubting and fear grip me although
This goes against all that I know

Chorus x2

Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 21-Dec-2021


Written as an exercise on a course at Eastgate church. The brief was an interaction with one of the Psalms. I chose to write this song inspired by a Psalm 139:1-18.


Download 'Download 'You're Still There' lyrics and chords in pdf format – ‘You’re Still There’ lyrics and chords in pdf format