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‘The Name of Jesus’

Born into the world He made,
Pure and true, Messiah anointed,
Overthrew sin’s barricade.
Death and hell He overcame.

The Name of Jesus,
Whispered by the stars, folded in the land, seas call from afar,
The Name of Jesus,
Treasured by the dawn, lifted on the wind, mountains bow before,
The Name of Jesus,
The beauty You designed will always been outshined by that of You.

Now born anew, we’re unafraid,
Knowing too with all creation,
Jesus who, his life down laid,
Laid the earth out by His Name.

Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 19-Jun-1995


I was trying to write worship songs and was discovering that unless you are a worship leader it’s virtually impossible to get a song taken up in church worship. I noticed that people seem to love just singing the name Jesus. So I gave people what they seemed to want. It worked. This was one of only a couple of songs that have been taken up in this context. I hope that doesn’t sound cynical. I believe and meant these words too.

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Download 'The Name of Jesus' lyrics and chords in pdf format – ‘The Name of Jesus’ lyrics and chords in pdf format