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‘In Victory’

Once I was aimless and all alone.
Purpose was shallow and God unknown.
You followed me and made me see.
Now I will follow you.
You gave forgiveness and clemency.
The sound of you voice made my jailer flee.
You brought me home. I am your own.
Now I will live for you.
Riches were at your command
You spent them all on the ransom demand

In victory, in victory leading the captives home.
In harmony, in harmony (we’re) gathering to your throne.         x2

You showed a Father, strong and kind.
A heart full of love for a lost mankind.
You gave to me a family. We will together grow.
Now we’re forgiven and free from blame.
Now that we carry Your family name
Help us to resemble you,
So that the world will know.
Lift now the voice of us all:
Jesus, your Kingdom, it never will fall.

Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day

© M Day 23-Sep-1998


A tidy worship song this celebrating again my transformation by the unmerited generosity of God


Download 'In Victory' lyrics and chords in pdf format – ‘In Victory’ lyrics and chords in pdf format