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‘I will enter in’

I will enter in
By the only gate.
I will enter by my Saviour,
In through Him and out to pasture.

I will enter in
To the holy place
By His torn and broken body,
Freely given, given for me.

Hear the Shepherd’s voice
Calling me by name.
Jesus entered, life surrendered,
Carrying my shame.
… Carrying my shame.

Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
Arranger: Rich Milner
© M Day 09-Apr-1997 & 06-Oct-2012


A quiet worshipful song that is a meditation on Jesus’ description of himself as being both the shepherd and the gate: John 10:1-18.

Subsequently three further verses has been added and the song has been incorporated into the Sharp To The Flat musical as Amanda’s prayer.

Play Now

Listen to the final version of ‘I Will Enter In’ from the ‘Sharp to the Flat musical’ project, but with the earlier version of the lyric sung by Catherine Willoughby and Sarah Jones

Listen to a rough demo of the original worship version of ‘I Will Enter In’ by Martin Day (sung by Martin & Jill Day)


Download 'I will enter in' lyrics and chords in pdf format – ‘I will enter in’ lyrics and chords in pdf format