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‘By Your Son’

By Your Son and by Your Spirit
You have brought salvation to us.
By adoption we inherit
The riches of the King.
Jesus ever interceding,
Opening the heavens to us.
Spirit to the Father leading.
We boldly enter in.

Jesus entered, by his own blood,
The most holy place.
Quenched the law and broke it’s power,
Pouring out the gift of grace.

I will praise the Priest that made the perfect sacrifice.
Precious Lord who counts me worthy of the ransom price. x2

Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 14-May-1996

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A trinitarian song celebrating Jesus’ role as priest in making the perfect sacrifice for us.

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Download 'By Your Son' lyrics and chords in pdf format – ‘By Your Son’ lyrics and chords in pdf format