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‘In The Hold Again’ parody of ‘Whole Again’

If you are out walking down the street
Stare up at the sky. I’m in that cockpit seat.
Circling like bird. Waiting for the word.
They put me in the hold again.

Air Traffic Control have got this guy
Don’t know why he hates me, keeps me in the sky
He has all the power. Sitting in his tower
He put me in the hold again.

        Looking back on when we first met
        I could not escape. You tore off my headset
        Mavis, you’re the one. You still turn me on
        You got me in the hold again

Trying to figure what this ATC
Has got against this crew, or is it only me?
Mavis Thyme on the ground, I should be homeward bound
He put me in the hold again.

        Mavis worked her way through the crew
        Blew off Horgy’s Cap. Luke seduced in the loo.
        She touched Simon’s dial. Angus took her down the Aisle
        Now we’re in the hold again.

So Mavis with me lay,
On a baggage bed again. It’s been x-rayed.
My sexy stewardess, let us both undress,
Get naked in the hold again.

        In the hold our lovemaking’s seen
        We’d be featured in the In-flight magazine
        Liam and Evamo, they let the tower know
        Now we’re in the hold again

Wait, that ATC’s name is Thyme
Mavis is guilty of a bigamous crime
Took Angus for a sucker
The crew took turns to love her
She’s why we’re in the hold again.

Ooh, Mavis, you’re a cow
Your ex is even now
He’s got us in the hold again.

Composer/Lyricist: Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw, Jem Godfrey, Bill Padley
© 2001 Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw, Jem Godfrey, Bill Padley

Parody Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 7 Dec 2018


In 2017 my friends from SImFest UK were looking to write a parody of Atomic Kitten’s ‘Whole Again’ to be their Christmas message to all thier loyal followers. The only idea they had was to use the phrase ‘in the hold again’. The asked me to help and with some references to what had happened on their annual ‘WorldFlight’ charity flight and loaded with in jokes that the fans would understand this is the result. I had expected for them to have crack at singing it themselves but they seemed to like my guide vocal and enthusiastically went about lip-syncing to their own cheesy video (that you can see here).

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Listen to the parody song ‘In The Hold Again’ with vocal from Martin Day