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‘Gear Up’ parody of ‘Word Up’


Hey Peter, baby fly us round the world.
Simfest is popular with boys, not so much girls.
Goli’s garage is where we go to play.
We don’t mean with gimp mask,
whip or cuffs or chains.
He’s got a jumbo we can fit inside.
Every November gonna take us for a ride.
Fit inside, fit inside, Frazer’s mum!
Awe, and Simon’s parking break’s so very small.

        Gear up.
        When there’s positive rate.
        Don’t weigh us down with all your passengers and freight.
        Gear up.
        Let this bird fly. ATC release us and we climb into the sky.

Now it’s Matt on PA –
A sound he’s heard.
Horgy’s let rip.
A trouser incident’s occurred.
Landing blindfold, no way we’ll crash.
Eric’s there to guide us even though there’s no ash.
It was Fraser who erased us and stacked the flight.
Mavis left a trail of socks & bodies in the night.
No romance, no romance, Mavis is toxic.
The cause is Lullaby, so all the people…

        Pay up.
        All our fans gave.
        Add in all the gift-aid it was £43K.

Oh. It’s long-haul love.

Come on, all you people pay.
P.A.Y.E. Up, P.A.Y.E. Up, P.A.Y.E. Up, P.A.Y.E. Up.

G.E.A.R. Up, and go fly. G.E.A.R. Up.

Everybody fly long-haul, come on.

Oh, it’s long-haul love.

Composer/Lyricist: Tomi Jenkins, Larry Blackmon
© 2004 The Island Def Jam Music Group
Parody Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 29 Nov 2019


Following the success of the previous year’s parody, in 2018 I was again asked by the SimFest UK crew to do another. This time I chose the song and again wrote in references that pertained to the events and characters from the recent ‘WorldFlight’ charity flight.- So plenty of obscure in-jokes here. It gave them the chance to pull together another cheesy video (that you can see here).

Play Now

Listen to the parody song ‘Gear Up’ with vocal from Martin Day

And, as a bonus, Martin also contributed just a vocal performance to ‘We’re Gonna Start The Engines’ a parody version of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ (originally composed and written by Billy Joel). It was planned as part of   SimFest UK‘s 2021 offering that didn’t get used until their ‘WorldFlight’ of 2023. Parody lyric is by Roger Harris. Listen to it here.