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‘To Ride the Unicorn’

Long is the journey that starts in the cradle.
Dull is the lustre of life that is spoiled
Slowly we struggle to build that of value,
Just as we labour the garden we soiled.

Generations share it seems
The same mistakes, the same dreams.
One man dies, another born,
Both try to ride the unicorn.

Poor is the soul in the city of progress.
Rich the illusion of mankind’s advance.
More the distractions for us than forefathers.
Lessons of history traded for chance.

Mocked is the book that defines human purpose.
As was the rejected the one who inspired.
Left on the platform, if missed the connection
Wait in the cold ‘til the ticket’s expired.

Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 07-Dec-1993


Riding the unicorn is something that obviously can never be done and so this song talks about trading the offer of God for a fleeting fantasy.

This would probably have been the last Salt Solution to have been written but by this stage the band now was past its heyday and so there was no longer the enthusiasm to work on new songs.