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‘People Like These’

I was the last one to enlist,
Turned up with my shopping list.
Here to learn and hold my tongue
And sing whatever must be sung.
To find the key that opened up the door.
I came here via a different route,
For many that might not compute.
Not a malcontent,
Not looking for an argument,
Not seeking to settle any score.

We were
Strangers a short time ago,
Barely time to get to know,
But I see love in overflow
In people like these.

You heard me out. You shed a tear.
Speaking life, drawing near.
Milk of human kindness here
In people like these.

I hoped to learn, I hoped to grow,
But there was more to undergo.
Gently felled without a sound.
Deconstructed, cleared ground.
Nothing left of value could be seen.
Gradually the torture stopped.
Silently the penny dropped.
Mystery demystified.
My connection realised.
God in me, but how to tell between?


Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 15-May-2022


Over an academic year I spent less than an hour, every other Friday, with a group of people who didn’t have that much opportunity to really get to know me, nor me them. A bond of love came to unite us that transcended the ordinary human capacity to care base on knowledge and understanding. (… You know who you are!)

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