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ShallowDeep > Music > Other Songs > I’ve Got The Microphone Song

‘I’ve Got The Microphone’

I’ve got the microphone
I’ve got the microphone
I’m now the loudest in the room(place)
You hear me at the back
Hear the treble feeding back
Breath pops and the basses boom (/I’m getting right in your face)

I’ve got the microphone
I’m the important one
Don’t take it, don’t even try
Big mouth’s mayor in this town (/Big mouth is here in town)
No one can turn me down
No one but the sound desk guy…

Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 28-Apr-2023


Written in the muddle of the night, who knows where the mind goes. This is an image of someone who grabs the mic and grabs the power until the realisation that the mic can be turned off remotely. This is intended to be a short comedy song.