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We Could be Best of Friends

Sam:        Look, have you seen this fan filter needs a clean?
                 I’ll take action, your extraction will improve.
                 And your blender isn’t mixing, it needs fixing.
                 It looks like the fuse. I will use, one I’ve here.

Amanda:   Since the day that we moved in
                  You’ve been so kind and genuine,
                  Making sure that all is right.
                  You’re welcome to stay for a bite.

Sam:        You are very kind. As it happens I’ve not dined
                 So far tonight, if it’s all right, yes I will.
                 I’ll help where I’m able, set the table
                 And a bottle of white, if it’s right for the meal?

Amanda:   You constantly astound me.
                  You’re running rings around me.
                  You seem to know just what I need,
                  Almost as if my mind you read.

Sam:        I’m only too pleased, if your burdens can be eased.
                 It fulfils me if I can be any help.
                 It’s nothing really; I’m just doing what is merely
                 What anyone would have done in my shoes.

Together:   It seems we see things eye to eye.
                  It’s easy. We don’t have to try.
                  Who knows? We could be best of friends.
                  Who can tell? It all depends…

Composer: Martin Day/Rich Milner
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 12-Mar-2013


Written as part of the Sharp To The Flat Sam impresses Amanda by anticipating problems and knowing just what is needed and the relationship starts to develop.


Lyric: Complete
Music: Complete

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