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‘Somebody’s Watching Over Me’

Amanda:  I’ve got this feeling everything is going right.
                Once where everything was heavy now my countenance is light.
                Things were always breaking, I was push up a hill,
                But now it’s all freewheeling someone’s paying every bill.

                      And can it be somebody’s watching over me?
                      Good things are coming through.
                      It all drops into place; see the smi-le on my face.
                      Cloudy skies are turning blue, it’s true.

Claire:      Amanda I’m delighted that your life is turning round.
                The fact God loves to bless us is so very true I’ve found.
Sam:        Just hang on a moment. Let be rational and real.
                This is people helping people it’s not some religious deal.

Claire:           Yes, I agree someone your life does oversee,
                      Someone who cares for you.
                      He’s full of love and grace and He’s clearly on your case.
                      You know that I know Him too, guess who?

Sam:        It’s not like me to brag but I have helped Amanda most.
Claire:      You’ve been kind but what about the mystery money in the post?
Sam:        The money might have been from me now who are you to say?
Amanda:  But you couldn’t know the value of the bill I had to pay.

Sam:             Yes, I can see, someone your life does oversee,
                      But credit where credit’s due.
                      The answer’s commonplace every good deed leaves its trace,
                      Just human kindness done to you, in my view.

Composer: Martin Day/Rich Milner
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 26-Jan-2012


Part of the ‘Sharp To The Flat‘ Musical (work in progress) this song is sung by Amanda Lovelace, the female lead, Her friend Claire Hart and Sam Ferrara, the male lead. Amanda sings of how it is as if someone is watching over her, Whilst Claire asserts this must be God, Sam argues against her but cannot give away the fact that he himself is behind the good deeds he speaks of.


Lyric: Complete
Music: Complete

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