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‘Not what we’d planned (reprise)’

Amanda:   I now see that good or bad is more a state of mind.
                  Even a cruel blow can be kind.
                  I take each life event no longer as punishment,
                  Where once I believed the fault was mine.

Sam:         All I wanted was to have the money and the time.
                  I don’t see that that was such a crime.
                  I tried to do you good. Seems I’m misunderstood.
                  I’m better with the devil that I know.

Both:                   It’s not what we’d planned; it’s not what we’d planned.
Amanda:             I’m thankful now, I have to say.
Sam:                   Life it conspired against what I desired.
Amanda:             I’m happy where I am today.

Composer: Martin Day/Rich Milner
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 05-Aug-2015


Written as part of the Sharp To The Flat musical (work in progress). Amanda returns to the flat for the last time to tie up lose ends with Sam.


Lyric: Complete
Music: Complete

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