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‘It Can’t Work’

Andy:       How will you sleep? How will you last?
Sam         With cosy bed and broadband fast.
Gary:       What if she hears you turn or move?
Sam:        She’ll think that next door’s in the groove.
Gary:       How can you know the coast is clear?
Sam:        I’ve made a peep hole never fear.
Andy:       You’ll never live in that small space
Sam:        I’ve got a bucket just in case.

Sam:                     It can work. I’ve built it.
                             I live in the wall with a house-mate it seems.
                             My tenant, she’s gorgeous.
                             And I could become the man of her dreams.

Gary:       How can you win her, what’s your plan?
Sam:        I’ll be her guardian angel man.
Gary:       How can you think you‘ve got a chance?
Sam:        I’ll help her with her circumstance.
Andy:       Women don’t like deceit you’ll find.
Sam:        Really? I’ve heard that love is blind.
Andy:       When she finds out all Hell will blow.
Sam:        I don’t see she needs to know.

Andy & Gary:        It can’t work. It won’t work.
                             It will all end in tears if you skate on thin ice.
                             She’ll find out, there’s no doubt.
                             You will leave well alone if you take our advice.

Composer: Martin Day/Rich Milner
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 20-Feb-2013


Written as part of the ‘Sharp To The Flat‘ musical (work in progress) Sam explains his unorthodox plan whilst Andy and Gary try to poor cold water on the idea only to find that Sam has already put the plan into action. It seems as well that Sam has romantic designs on his new tenant. His two friends try t shoot down this idea too..


Lyric: Complete
Music: Complete

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