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‘House of old wounds’ reprise

See, I never knew my Dad, I’m so sad that I missed him.
He died when I was still small, and it’s all out of reach.
He was a star in my sky and he loved me
It was so far and so long ago

Just a single memory, left for me of my time with him
I saw him so very clear; he was here where I stand
He came to me that one Christmas
No fantasy, I have the proof.

All he left me was this stone, this alone as a keepsake
I thought coming here might solve or resolve as to why.

Sung by the Full Cast:
One day we’ll tell the children
When they can understand.
How will we know the right time
To tell them as we had planned?

Time passed and memory faded.
The root of truth has been pruned.
We never found the right time.
Who wants to open old wounds?

Composer: Martin Day/Rich Milner
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 29-Jan-2013


Written as the closing scene of the ‘Sharp To The Flat‘ musical (work in progress) an the prospective buyer confesses that she has an ulterior motive for viewing and has in fact been in the flat before.


Lyric: Complete
Music: Complete

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