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‘Our Time Together’

Edge of the towpath toe to toe, waiting for a perch or bream to show.
Seeing a flash. Electric blue kingfisher makes a splash.
Guide to nature on display.
Hanging on each word I’d say.
I was the captain of their day,
Once upon a time.

Rescue a baby bird from harm, show them how to perch it on their arm.
Feeding it seed. Voting on a name till we’re agreed.

        See creation through the eyes of a child.
        Share the wonder with my own.
        Once our kite soared in the windy and wild.
        Now our time together’s flown.

Treading on conkers, shiny brown. Once we tossed a stick to knock ‘em down.
I walk alone, through the trees a stone’s throw from our home.
Sun low in the powder blue.
Spider’s web all laced with dew.
No one left to show it to.
Seems I’ve had my time.

Out on our own, me and the hound, spotting squirrels rooting in the ground.
Now where are they, who begged and said they’d walk him every day?


Ending of childhood, end of play. Launched in life, they’re finding their own way.
Now they are grown – nothing more they’re needing to be shown.
Spending time with their own friends.
Then they’re gone for whole weekends.
“When will I see you?” “It depends…”
Now I’m out of time.

Once I was their authority. Each and every question came to me.
I had my day, like the toys they’ve long since packed away.

        Seems they’re destined to repeat my mistakes
        And they’ll add some of their own.
        In the future if their fondness awakes
        They’ll see our time together’s flown.


Composer: Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 13 Apr 2014


A very personal and melancolic little number for parents of a certain age…

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Listen to the original rough demo for ‘Our Time Together’ with vocal from Martin Day