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Mervyn Sprocket

Mervyn Sprocket the writing and producing team of Martin Day and Rich Milner. The compositions are by one other or both. Lyrics are by Day, as are most of the vocals. Milner generates, arranges and produces the music and other singers have been features according to the needs of each song.

Completed tracks have been released on The Orchard label and are available on all digital music platforms – available from buy from Amazonlisten on Apple Musiclisten on Spotifylisten on DeezerListen on Soundclouldlisten on Youtubelisten on KKBox.

So far most releases have been with videos that can be viewed on this site.


  • Chris Says No © M Day 08-Jun-2020 – a lockdown love story
  • Super-Stimumemorite © M Day 30-Jun-2014 – a satire of the education system that puts box-ticking exams above learning
  • Escapology © M Day 12-Nov-2020 – a musing on the nature of eternity featuring Alice Hoyle on guest vocals
  • Something Missing © M Day 10-Nov-2021 & 08-Nov-2022 – exploring the cracks in our existence
  • Our Time Together © M Day 13-Apr-2014 (awaiting development) – a wistful melancholic reflection of a father
  • Men Have Feelings Too © M Day 05-Mar-2023 (awaiting development) – exploring why men often struggle with feelings
  • My Reptilian Brain © M Day 22-Aug[-2023 (awaiting development) – a comedy story of a therapist and her obsessed client

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In the beginning (the very early 1980s) there was Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly. The band was renamed as Salt Solution and continued through the 80s and into the 90s. In the subsequent millenium Martin Day teamed up with Rich Milner and together they worked on the Sharp to the Flat musical. When that was near completion they continued to work together producing pop, rock and electro music and decided to reclaim the Mervyn Sprocket name releasing several track under that moniker.